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My definition of German look...

Look at any of the German factory built cars in the last decade, Porsche, VW, BMW, Mercedes, and you will see that they are all purposeful, very well engineered, technically advanced and clean in their design.

Also look at the German laws. TUV would never pass a bug running pathetic 135's stretched over a 6.5j rim. They'd also never pass a 2ltr bug with drum brakes. If you have a true GL it'd pass the TUV laws. No solenoid doors. No skimpy tyres. No big engines without uprated discs all-round. No stingers. etc. etc.

My bug has some very heavy bodymods, along with many subtle ones. The overall look is extremely clean and subtle without compromising safety or purpose. It doesn't have fat arches, spoilers or scoops.

Is it a German Looker? I think so. It's going to be fast without compromising safety, it's well engineered, purposeful and a damn site better than when it left the factory in 1955.
'55 oval GL
944T Calipers and discs front & rear.
17" Turbo rims 205/40 front, 215/45
230BHP TIV fuel injected.
IRS+Berg 5 speed box.
Build in progress.
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