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I'm totally with ya on that Supa, this site is completely off the hook! I wish I had my 71' here with me, but had to leave up in Idaho cause it dropped a valve, and wanted to leave asap. I want another bug...but dang...I want MY bug!!

Anyways. I love how this new look is really starting to let the bugs (any a/c VW for that matter!) potential really show, like it has so many times in the past, just this time, it's OUR look, not some look that has been done over and over (and over) since the early 70s (cal-look/resto-custom). Even though this look has been done for a while in the UK, Germany, France, Australia, etc...its time this look hit the US, and man did it hit hard!

I really like how this new "look" has soooooo many exceptions, and not as strict like many cal-look clubs. I mean, I really like a standard, riding on 17" turbo twists, to a Super done up kafer-cup style, with fender flares, and deep dish BBS racing wheels, its ENDLESS!!!!!

Thanks everyone that has contributed to making/designing/maintaining this website. You ROCK!!
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