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Weekend Update...

Thanks Panel.

I think I might go with that kind of a set up too, I finaly looked under the car while holding up a peice of pipe, and I realized from the seat tracks back, it's pretty much protected by the pans. The only place it isn't is under the driver's and passenger's feet. It would also disipate heat like you said, and it would be easier to route around the rear torsion.

When I originaly made a front mount for my 914/01 tranny. I had no where near the experiance I have now. So I made it to function first, and look good second. Actually, it looks horible. So I made a new one. Also it was directly over the rear torsion housing. So putting a rear sway bar on would be impossible.
The first picture shows the old mount with the plates for the new. Honestly, at this point I had no idea what I was going to do. Next two pictures are the finished product compared to the old. A big improvement in function and looks. I thought about making my own rear tranny brace, but I decided against it for now.

I also installed my Kafer cup brace. Long story short, it was a PITA! Especialy with the body on! If you don't put those tabs in the right place, you can't take it out and put it back to weld it and paint it. It does look good up in there. I will take better pictures once the body is off.

I've have tomarrow off from school for Pres. Day. I'll probably get over to the shop for a few hours and do a little more here and there.

What Ya'll think up in hur?
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