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Originally posted by Superman
One thing I wondered, how does everyone feel about my CCC Porsche 911 Carrera style Whailtail... is that Germanlook? [/B]
Just so long as you don't have ferrari style "vented" fenders, a la Mulholland Look, you'll be alright. As for the different "looks" to these cars, I've gone more in the direction of function over form. T-4 engine, kaefer-kup braces, 80mm front struts (Topline), tuner wheels, etc etc. I'm gonna paint it monochrome Maroon(maybe?), only because I can't afford any sort of graphics or detailing, and I'm sure as hell not going with big vinyl stickers all over the car like the ricers around here do. I don't like calling the German Look "German Look," it's more Porsche performance to me. The "Euro" or "French" looks are straigh tout Tuner performance to me, with the tuner wheels, Hi-Po motors, extravagant paintjobs, and all. If Fast and the Furious were about Bugs, Euro/French-look VWs would be the basis for the movie, not Supras and S2000s... All in all the look of your car is YOUR look. You can try to generalise you VW if you want to, but your individuality will always seep through somehow, thus segregating your car from the norm...

I'm sure all this has been said before, but I had to state my ideas, too, not being one who likes to be left out of the conversation...

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