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sorry guys my plans didnt go through to move but im still in paducah ky and im working on molds for 1303 and 1302 stuff on the side my job keeps me busy but if your intrested in getting a price for cf or fiber glass parts hit me up on my email
like i said im just building molds right now i have one made for a stock looking f bumper i can do in cf or fg im working on a bumper airdam combo still in first stage i will be making wide bumpers also
im working on a diferent style flared fenders they are different and unuiqe
and i will build a hood mold stock and 911 style
and rear decklids w and wo vents
working on rear aprons std and bubble
and some sort of side vent i like remelles but i want something dif. hey if you have ? mail me
thanks cave

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