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Originally Posted by 70Turbobug View Post
Thanks Wally! I will be sending the heads off next week sometime,they will basically be the version 5 heads that Remmele offers only with sodium filled exhaust valves.If your header hasn´t cracked or any other issues by now,it won´t in the future either.So 1:0 for you
Only 1:0 ?
But serieusly, you can also consider the CSP sidewinder header which has stub-pipes, is also stainless and seemed very well made also. I like stub-pipes for a turbo engine.
Furthermore, the equal length IS an advantage with a turbo engine as well. Trust me (4:0 )
Armin has also upgraded to a 2.2 liter! Although with a 78mm Demello crank and a Garrett 2871 journal bearing turbo.He made 2 new videos also: this one is with the K26/K27 turbo: and this one is with the 2871 turbo:
Cool vid's! Its alomost embarressing to see how he closes in and overtakes all those Porsches... but he should wear a helmet at the track I think (second vid)
He is probably a better track driver than I am, but I think I do better at the strip
'75 Super.
...because race car!
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