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Good thinking! making the rotating mass lesser on a turbo engine might help with spool-up as it revs up quicker.
Light-weight pistons and rods help as well in that train of thought.
Light rods and pistons would surely make it rev even quicker for sure.That might be an option later on.For now I will use the stock rods with Raceware bolts.

Brave of Armin to run on the track with 1,3 bar!
He had ran up to 1.8 bar in a long distance race once without knowing it.The boost gauge still showed around 1.3 bar.Later he found a small hole in the wastegate senseline.All other gauges showed normal operating temps - i.e. CHT,oil temp and afr...and still drove home after the race from the A-1 ring back to Ulm 400km IIRC...
with stock cast bus pistons!
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