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You car looks outstanding. It was your camber plates I used as an example for the guys at Silver Project to make the ones they now sell for 1303s. Good job! Because of you many can have camber plates like you're using (Not me yet...I was hoping the Silver Project guys would give me a set for free since I gave them the idea and the stock upper strut bearing they used for dimensions...Alas, it didn't happen).

I, too, am using 944 spindles. I'm hoping I won't need to buy the camber plates. Thus far, I have slotted upper hole strut housings (coil overs using MK1 Golf strut housings), TWO crash bolts per side and Topline's camber+ inner control arm bushings. If I can't dial out the positive camber with those, I'll spring for the SP camber plates.
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