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adding caster to a 1303


My son and I are doing a track day at Luddenham this Weekend as part of the VW Nationals in Sydney.

We took both of our Beetles to my sons friend who is a gun alignment guy and does lots of high end drift cars etc.

I've just refitted the adjustable Whiteline caster front sway to my Beetle that was on my yellow 1302 and after lots mucking around we got a very good result.

My sons 1303 was a different story, needs more tow in on the right rear but a die grind out of spring plate slot will fix that.

The right front wheel needs to move forwards 11 mm to correct caster and this is also reflected in the wheel base side to side.

We already have caster bushes fitted and car drives very well so I cant wait to see what these fixes will accomplish.

Whiteline no longer make these adjustable caster front sway bars.

Any ideas guys? Ricola did some fancy work in this area but I cant seem to find his post

STI powered 1303 in the works.
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