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1974 Thing Acapulco

While searching for my next German Look project, I stumbled across this Type 181 in 2013 and bought it. I got a ton of documentation from the previous owner. The documentation showed he owned two Acapulco models plus a '70s Rabbit and a '70s Type 2. He bought at least one Acapulco new, perhaps both. It's hard to sort but I am either the second owner or the third.

Here is the Samba link to the ad there. The asking price is $19,500. For that price, I will ship it (or drive it myself) to any of the 48 continuous states.

The highlights include it having a freshly built 2110cc Type 1 engine (less than 1,000 miles as of this posting), a freeway flier transaxle, front disk brakes, LED headlights, wider chrome wheels -- about as close to being German Look without butchering it being a genuine Acapulco. It is very solid. The curtains are clear. The top is excellent and its frame is unbent with a clear back "window."

It only has one top -- no Surrey top, no hard top. (I do have a Thing Shop Bimini top -- mistakenly called a bikini top -- in Acapulco design still in its box, but that is extra -- less extra to the Thing buyer than someone else. I also have highback front seats in Acapulco design -- never installed -- at an extra price if desired.)

I will help with shipping to anywhere as much as I can. Here is an outtake of the quick photo shoot I did recently. (No, the Dalmatian is not included in the sale.)

I look to return to the German Look scene after my daughter's wedding, but no trades at this time.
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