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Bug@5-Speed Shifter Install

Slide 68- Bug@5-Speed Shifter Install

Our Shifter Guide goes into more detail, but here are some pics of a partial install. More to come, as some details may not be clear.
Such things as modification to Bug and 911 Shifter Rods, Porsche coupler, where to locate your shift rod, and any modications required.
Following slides are just to high light some of the install.

Slide 69- Bug@5-Speed Shifter Install

Installing of the shifter onto tunnel is relatively simple
(1) Remove old beetle shifter
(2) Make template of the base of the Bug@5-Speed Shifter, and trace this onto tunnel
(3) Using a cut off wheel or similar type tool cut the necessary 50 x 78 mm for the new shift lever into the tunnel
(4) Finish off by grinding edges to crate smooth finish

Slide 70- Bug@5-Speed Shifter Install

Next, you will need to tap 4 holes onto the tunnel to install the supplied (4) hex bolts
Lastly Install shifter as shown in pictures onto the tunnel and secure utilizing the (4) hex bolts
Following instruction in shifter guide for adjustment and alternatives modifying the beetle tunnel shifter rod

Slide 71- Bug@5-Speed Shifter Install

Here you see the difference between the factory stock beetle shift rod, and the 911 shift rod option.
Lower picture shows where the Porsche coupling would slide into the 911 shift rod.
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