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Goliaths ride /narrowed irs/2332cc

Hi Andy and Vujade thanks for your questions. First ,Andy the narrowed rear end was done here in Australia by a local engineering shop and there is a good article here on the GL site under Tech articles that covers how its done. It allows narrowing about 23mm per side. I will try to post some new shots soon.

Vujade, hi there! I am running 9:1 compression and had to back off the timing slightly(27 deg) so it doesnt ping. Problem is though the heads are a little on the small side. Its good for about 100hp. Its a very flexible motor and with the 5.7inch chev rods its got bags of torque. The gear ratios are only standard 74 L bug. It is good for freeway and around town . I love it !!

Cheers David

Big motor-Big brakes-Big wheels-Big FUN !!!!
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