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It has a m20 stock except for exhaust.

Unfortunately, with the way work was going and with wife still out of job had to sell/trade.

Did a 4 way trade with some folks, that were looking to go e30 spec, and aquired a e36 328i.

Not quite an M but she will do. For now she is relatively stock with her m52, but hopefully after this next quarter i can upgrade a few things such as Afe intake, m50 manifold, m3 cams, ecu tune and maybe if can squeeze it an exhaust.. think after that she should be ok to run on track with some additional suspension (need sway bars and some brakes).

It was short lived, working for the govt, we had to begin planning for something called the furlough/sequestration. I didn't need a track car and I was also looking to get a daily so, in the end, I got what I needed. In a few weeks the govt sequestration begins so we will see how things go, money wise..

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