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VDub Engineering

I'm having a problem with Lanner at Vdub engineering responding to my emails or private messages. I shipped my porsche 944 NA hubs to get machined on February 27 of this year. On May 16 I asked when the hubs would be done and Lanner replied "Yeah I'm still trying to get out back order. Yours be done by the end of next week."(actual words) That was the last email I got from Lanner I've tried multiple times emailing with no luck, I even tried from my old email address two days ago and he responded within the same day. I am now 6 months waiting on my hubs. Private messaged him on The Samba with no reply, I even private messaged him on here and still no luck. I kept all receipts from shipping and saved all of my emails from him. I just want my hubs back machined or not. Figured this would be the only way to get in contact with Lanner since he probably is ignoring my old
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