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The 6 cm wider fiberglass fenders are bent out of shape from hanging on a wall for 8 years, thats why the fender does'nt follow the same radius as the tyre. On the pictures at Spa they are'nt even painted it's still the red gelcoat of the Kercher fenders luckely for me the same collor as the rest of the car.

The wheel mounted without spacers is to close to the springplate, so I have to use spacers. I had the 4 cm. spacers and the red gelcoat 6 cm. wider fenders so that was the fasted option to go and drive. I have several options, 2 cm. spacers and 4 cm wider fenders, or new 6 cm. wider fenders and paint those

The black rear bumper is a Kercher fiberglass one to fit around the 6 cm. wider fenders.

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