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Took a look through the catalogue, but no prior experience with KOSO gauges.

Looks like the RX-2N will meet most of your requirements. Few things to think about:

- Digital speedometer. I'm not a fan of digital number gauges as you can't glance and know it's "OK". Your brain has to pause and read. Personal preference, but in racing we always use needles.
- Oil Temp, but no oil pressure. Personally, I'd take pressure over temp.
- Fuel Gauge. You're going to be challenged to find a fuel sender to work with the unit, and if you do, it won't really be "accurate". I mean, one line for every 10% isn't great.
- Speed Sensor. The "active" speed sensor they supply is most likely a magnetic reed sensor. It will be moderately challenging to make it work in the bug effectively, but not impossible. You do have a number of different sensor options, just using a hall sensor (like mine) is a bit more challenging.

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