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Klaus Parts

Hello, I have tried to contact Mr. Klaus on this latest success (heads). I clearly like his work. I think there is a language barrier. I also feel that he may not want to do business in the USA. Is there anyone that can reach him and convey my questions on the topic of his heads;
1. What is the status of his heads?
2. How large of a displacement will they fit, such as up 105mm?
3. Will they be on the market in the very near future?
4. Does he plan to sell them through out the world?
5. How much will the top of the line set cost?

I would like to know, to start saving for them. He may not want to respond. He has shown them to the world, this mean to me that he is not just making a set for himself and no one else need inquire. I hope none of you reading this post take offense to this post.

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