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I have been collecting parts for the Type 4 engine, and received the exhaust from Tiger @ A-1, although I'm worried 1 5/8" might be too small for a 2.7L. I will order a larger size later if needed.

Since the Type 1 engine was out, waiting on a new flywheel. I ordered a new self supporting starter, and new rubber front/rear trans mounts. Got those installed this week:

Tried to test fit the Type 4, but it was getting stuck in the engine compartment, so I read a few threads about making the rear valence removable, and decided to give it a try:

I ended up cutting between a double bracket on each side, so that the body and the middle section each have a bracket, that should make joining them with bolts, much easier.

I was then able to roll the Type 4 engine into the engine bay, at a normal height (not 6ft in the air!):

Quick test fit of the removable valence, and everything clears:

Final shot with the Exhaust and carbs installed:

The car already has a full flow oil filter and Setrab single electric oil cooler/fan, which I'm hoping will be enough. For now, I have the stock oil filter blocked off, and I'm using a CSP adapter on the stock Oil Cooler for the full flow fittings. Hoping to be able to get it fired up late next week (waiting on parts, etc). I have a wideband gauge to help tune to DRLA 48's.

The only weird thing that happened, was all 3 studs that hold the top pulley on the horizontal 911 fan broke, and when I looked at it, they had allen heads on them to help thread, but they all broke right where the stud, and the allen tip meet, as it seems to be the weakest part on a small stud anyway:

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