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Originally Posted by $aint View Post
Hi Walter,

Long time no see!
More than 400 horses, pretty impressive :O

How are you liking the AA birals so far/how are they holding up?

I was wondering why you picked the birals instead of the plain iron cylinders, I'd expect the biral ones to be a bit weaker.
And did you do any machining/honing to them or are they stock?

Hey Simon,

Thanks! And very good to hear from you again! That has indeed been a looooong time!

I like the birals very much: in fact, I slao was a little worried about their thin-ish wall thickness, but they have withstand over 100hp per barrel without issue. So that is a true testiment to them imo.

The reason to fit those birals in the first place was because it was the ONLY stock 98mm cylinder on the market after I had burn a hole in my home-made cast all alu-nikasil cylinders...
This way I could re-use the JE pistons and could rebuild the engine relatively quickly.
After all, it seemed a little too quickly as I had accidently made a mistake (it happens ) and switched pistons, which meant the valve pockets didn;t line up and the intakes finally did hit the pistons. The had less then 1mm clearence without the valve pockets lining up, so at 9000RPM it lived, which was surprising in itself, even more without reserve as it turned out.

Long story short, rebuilding the engine again as it did received quite a bit of damage on valves (bend) and pistons/cylinder and I am now gonna use 102mm Deutz cylinders and new pistons.
Will also use a JPM cam, which Johannes 'agreed upon'

So, no more meets for this year unfortunately. I did reach my goal of 400hp at 1 bar, but the 10-second run still has to be done. Only then will I sleep again

I spilled my beans, but what are you working on yourself atm?
cheers, Walter
'75 Super.
...because race car!
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