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...but guuuuys, I wanted a hard number!! ;-)

I knew well before I started on this project that I was going to be buying a variety of springs. Ideally the first set ends up somewhere in the middle, so I'd have a good base to start from. If you're far too soft, or far too hard, on the first set of springs, it's really tough to figure out how much further in one direction you should move. Not to mention the fact that even if one of you had "the perfect gravel setup" using XXXlb up front and XXXlb in the rear, chances are I would put them in my car and decide it was all wrong anyways! It's as much about feel as it is armchair math...though laptimes (when available) should be the ultimate deciding factor.

Taking both Clive and Wally's suggestions above I ended up going with a 300lb spring as my starting point in the rear. Based on Clive's math these should probably work out well for my road setup. If they're too stiff, they might have use in a track setup. If they're too soft, as Wally may suspect, then they may work well for either my gravel or snow setup. And hey, if they're completely wrong for everything...that's what Ebay is for.

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