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Originally Posted by Lazarus View Post
ive been wondering where you were. why are you pulling the engine and trans out?
Well, it was originally because I have been getting a nasty thump when hitting certain bumps and indications were that my front tranny mount was shot. An engine and tranny removal later indicates that it is perfectly fine. so goes my history with this car.

I have been wanting to swap gearing anyway, so it isn't a total wash, but I am left not knowing what the hell is making that very bad sound. I am now suspecting the rear tranny bolts as one was not too tough to get off. I am going to recheck my spring plates as well.

Several other plans for the car while it is back apart again. Hopeful to have it on the road in a couple of months.

Sorry I missed this show. Looks like it was fun and some good weather. I WILL see you at some other shows this year though.
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