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Small update on why I did'nt already post something about driving with the new 2056cc. motor. To work on the carburator jetting the motor has to be warm, and that is a problem at the moment.

It has oil pressure problems when the oil gets warmer / thinner. The oil pressure is good when the engine is cold, 2 bar at Idle and 4,5 bar when revving the engine.
I suspect the problem is in the loose fitment of the oil pump in the crankcase and / or the O-ring that seals the oil pickup tube in the crankcase.

I tested this with a warm engine and the front of the car high up in the air on jack stands. The rear of the engine now has a high oil level with both the O-ring and the oil pump submerged in oil. The oil pressure does not drop during this test.

I live in the netherlands which is very flat, so constantly driving uphill to keep oil pressure is not an option for me.

I used a new O-ring from the victor reinz gasket set on a like-new oil pickuptube without any extra sealant.
On the Bug Me DVD Jake Raby uses Permatex aviation form-a-gasket on the O-ring. When I watched this I thought it was overkill. Well probably not as it turned out in my (crank)case.

To try and fix the problem I now used 3 different oil pumps, 2 original Type-4 pumps with new O-ring and a modified Type-1 26mm pump. All 3 have a loose fitment in the crankcase. The Type-1 pump even slides in with the crankcase nuts surrounding the pump torqued at 20Nm.
And the pressure keeps dropping when hot. It still has oil pressure but only 1 bar. The short term plan is to see if the problem can be fixed with an O-ringed oil pump.
If the oil pressure keeps dropping when the oil is getting up to temperature, I have to spit the case to see if the 80 cent O-ring around the oil pickup tube is the problem.

Not looking forward to that.

Everything else on the engine performs perfectly and it has done 100 kilometers over short trips. Trips short enough to not have the oil pressure problem.

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