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I dunno, it seems oddly shaped and I think its crazy expensive if you had to buy a used one. Why would you even want to consider that? Strange question?

Anyways, trying to find the correct starter motor for this combo, so I can test compression, is a test of patience..I bought a wromg one, hopefully coming week I have the correct one here. Fortunately the chinese electrical parts are cheap and usually work just fine (1303 has one too and that one works awesome!).

In the meantime, the 'project creep' has gotten to the front brakes
Did make sense to up that area a bit more, so the CB alu wheel bearing houses with 5x130 studs and disk/calipers are for sale now.

This was a lot more work: epytec wheel - 944 outer, type 1 inner - bearing housings, boxster calipers and cayman 299x20mm disks, plus adapters from Lanner:
'75 Super.
...because race car!
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