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Originally posted by Superman

Bren (I like your car and this is not a shot but an example), to me your car is not Germanlook. Your car, to me, is Callook with some Eurolook wheels.
LOL!!! this is a first! cal look?!? my bug has never been called THAT before!!!


what do the rest of you reckon? cal-look or german-look or euro-look? (mines the blue one BTW!

superman.. dont get me wrong this is no attack, i just dont understand where you are coming from? i mean where do you draw the line with the porsche stuff? my friends bug runs 4-wheel kerscher discs with reproduction porsche cup3's... so in actual fact, no porsche parts bar the boxster seats and 911 headlamp lenses, it also runs more chrome than when it left the factory, but does that mean its not a GL?
pic of unfinished car:

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