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Well from the pictures I've seen, and I may be wrong, your car has all the factory body chrome trim and Type I (Ghia) brakes. The wheels are the only thing that sets it apart. Slap some Empi wheels on it and it would be a Cal-look car.

The grey car is doing a little better with the europa bumper and bucket seats but still not all the way.

(Remember this is just my opinion) These cars, you posted, are a mixture of Callook and Germanlook... that's what I call Eurolook. It's just my opinion and terms that I use.

(Again in my opinion) Your car would need 944 discs, Recaro type seats, europa bumper, and no trim, blacked-out trim, or body colored trim to be Germanlook.

This is what I consider Germanlook...

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