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Originally posted by Superman

(Again in my opinion) Your car would need 944 discs, Recaro type seats, europa bumper, and no trim, blacked-out trim, or body colored trim to be Germanlook.
944 discs would never happen, i cant justify the expense for a totally over engineered brake setup for a 1600 bug! the other main reason is that i want to keep the 4x100 PCD. seats in my bug are POLO GT seats front and rear.. almost identical to golf GTI's but with a narrower rear seat. europa bumpers i already have?!?!?! or do you mean the 74-on bumpers with the indicators built in? i thought about using those, but decided not to as my front end was very very low when i first built the car.. its since been raised, but when it was low, the indicators in the bumper would have been too low to pass the MOT test.. they basically would have been illegal! as for the trim... funny you should mention that! ive just sourced a bumper from a jeans bug, and as im sure you know, they had satin black trim... ive also got some indicator covers that im prepping for paint.. again in satin black.. and the side trim will also be going black.... all this should be done in readiness for the VWACTION show in september, so ill take some pics while im there and post them up.. see what you all reckon....
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