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First of all im from Manila,Philippines. For me germanlook/eurolook is a new trend in our vw industry that may not be compared to other looks,its a way of upgrading our vw's to a stage were even some of the newer cars cannot compete,but it doesn't have to be porsche parts,all we need is to use new aftermarket/highformance parts that can make our selves proud and individualise our vw's.

Right now I have a 1302s that I have for 4 yrs. its my first vw and I want it to be my only vw,and I already painted the bumpers,and will start to modify the front suspension to accomodate smaller coilspring so that I can install a BBS/TSW 17's hope to hane a type 4 engine, but thats way to far,but I love the look and hope to make my superbeetle a looker in our country.

My friends have a sight we all love modifying and into euro/germanlook some of our fellow enthusiast doesn't understand our passion to germanlook but soon they will.
This is our tnx for a very nice site,its a good help.

vw 1302-s '72
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