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Cool Wing/Fender vents

One thing that I have been looking at is wing/fender vents.

These are used in racing on full bodied cars. Holes or vents are placed at the top of the front wings, just behind the centreline of the wheel and then again at the back of the wing close to the bottom to release the pressure which builds up within the wheel well.
Thinking about the air when it is travelling around the front of the car, a lot of it is deflected around the front wings and in behind the wheel creating drag and also a small amount of lift as it has to go down to the bottom of the wing to get out.

At the back, a vent at the back of the rear wings does the same job of lessening lift as the air from inside the wheel well struggles to get out.

One of the big problems I have looked into on my car is how to get air to the engine. I thought about putting naca ducts in the rear windows but the bodyshell starts to taper in from the door pillars and this may create more or a vacuum at the rear windows than pressure if I were to fit ducts there.
Another idea was one I saw on a Bug which had a mid-mounted configuration where rear vents from a T3 had been fitted just below the rear windows to feed the engine. Again this is just after the bodyshell starts to taper in.

Another idea I have seen is from Porsche racing cars. The GT1 uses a duct which runs over the top of the roof, where as I'm not too into the looks of this on my Oval roof! I can appreciate how well this must work. One other idea has come from the 962 where the fan intake is on the roof, it's basically a huge naca duct which feeds only the fan to cool the engine. Looks pretty cool and if almost out of sight although it means cutting a large hole in the roof!!!

Lots of ideas!! Anyone got anymore?


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