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Germanlook: Exterior: 1303 body, 20mm front,40mm rear widen fenders, Porsche rims minimum 16', Porsche brakes, coilovers, brace bars front n rear, black trims, paint:black,grey or silver, bonnet better to be the cabrio ones, it looks better than the sedan bonnet, kamei front spoiler cutout center for oil-cooler, Europa bumpers with clear lens signals, Remmele roof spoiler, blacken handles.
Interior: Modified dash for 3 Porsche gauges, leather Recaro/Porsche seats, 911 rear view mirror, Prefer a larger diameter steering ie: Porsche, to view gauges as momo ones are pretty small n blocks the view of gauges, rear seats modified to 911 style, dark interior.
Engine: T4 with the works!
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