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I think that my little superbug is German Look, or it may be even called Aussie Look? It has a little bit of everything. Porsche wheels, Porsche wing, Porsche seats (Fixed Cobara seat for the track) Porsche & Autometer guages, 'little' 1880cc motor, full carpet & soundproofing, roll cage, Stereo & speakers etc. I couldn't drive around in a car that had no interior or soundproofing, I think that I would lose my enjoyment for driving very quickly.
So I consider my car to be German Look, Aussie Look & a bit of race look.
But I really don't think that we should start laying down any strict guidelines such as pastal paint or no chrome etc, as I painted my car metallic Purple 9 years ago & I have no intention of changing it guys!
If we have rules & guidelines we will be just like the Cal-lookers are 25 years down the track! Drum brakes, swing axle & a nose down stance with 135 tyres on the front! PLeeeeaaase, what century is it?
Stay Cool
Jak Rizzo
Ps I couldn't get it to post a pic of my car so u will have to do with a link that James has setup for me
Maltese Falcon Racing
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