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What it all boils down to is people in general want to be part of something bigger then themselves. They want to be part of a group of like minded people (thats why we have clubs, organizations, & even churchs)

It all begins when a few like minded people get together, they lay down a set of rules & regulations & then everyone in the group has to adhere to them (*see footnote). If they dont do this, when new people want to be part of the group, it will be contaminated by those that think differently, this will cause those in the group to guestion their own thinking. And they wouldnt want that! No, most people dont want to think for themselves, they would rather be told what to think. Most people are followers, not leaders.

*Just look at clubs like DKPIII (nothing personal against DKPIII) for example, they are so rigid its not even funny! Doesn't this take away your individualism? Doesn't this lead to boredom? Doesn't this make things become stagnant?

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