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Arrow Luticrous Speed! Go!

On the way back from the airport in my 74' std. T1 with my best friend, the car had 28 year old shocks at the time, really worn out torsion bars/springs, down hill on the free way I got my bone stock beetle with 135's on the front and 195's in the rear not lowered to 98 MPH! If any one has gone that fast in a worn out stock VW it feels like 198 mph and 18,000 RPM, and it's rediculously fun and unsafe. Since then my beetle, first car, was a victim of a hit and run in a parking lot when I was not present and I was boo hooing like a school girl. So I decided to make my car so killer that NO ONE COULD TOUCH IT ! I'll show them! No but seriously, I had the Cal-look sickness at the time until I was introduced to the germanlook style in June 2002 by seeing the Bug-art T4 powered beetle in that months VWtrends issue, then I was cured. So some of you have seen VWCustoms "Project Pepper" which happens to be my brake setup; 6 pot calipers and 14" rotors front and rear from the front of the crazy fast Cayenne turbo which according to Porsche "stops the 7700 lbs. vehicle with a 7800 lbs. trailered load (without brakes) from 80 mph without a hint of fade". With that said I think that my beetle should'nt have a problem stopping with similar hp (450) figures. Also, the Cayenne Turbo has 4 pot 12.8" brakes out back.
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