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"A rear spoiler is a necessity also to break the rear lift. It doesn't have to be very big. The angle is important. It and the underbody difusers output should create a defined flow much like using sheet metal. If drawn it would look like a pointed tail coming off the rear of the car. The spoiler can also be used to pump a wing. In order to work properly the wing must be positioned over the ground with no car parts under it and as low as possible. This would look quite weird and work very well, maybe to well as it might lift the front end. Raising the wing until the airflow from the spoiler flows below the wing would pump the wing and perhaps create the same effect."

What if you replaced the rear bumper with a spoiler this way it would use the air comming over top of the car and also the air from under the car. and not only would it work well and wouldnt look retarted and ricer like those huge wings do. (my 2 cents)
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