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No Nick, no engine yet. I'll probably call out to Nippon-motors monday.

Wow, what a week. I had intentions of working my @ss off over my spring break, it didn't happen. But I did make some great progress even though I only worked 3 days.

I finshed the corner in my coolant lines. I had a few failed ideas before I finaly hit gold. I first just cut two 45* angles and tried them up against two 90*s. That didn't work, it left big gaps. So I tried to fill in the gaps. Let me add, I was using a simple tri-square and a hack saw. After a little figureing, I realized I needed to just make two 45* angles with four 22.5*. There was just no way around it. So I thought long and hard.... Chop saw! :idea: I checked the blade, sure enough it's for 'metal'. Tried it, and it worked perfect. Then after I found the right angle. I cut the tubing up how I wanted it, then welded it. Perfecto! I put a small cut and angle in the passenger side to help point the water towards the radiator.

Next is the moment of truth. How will the tubing look with the body and radiator in place? I'll use another post, I'm out of picture room...
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