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I've been having the same dilemma over the purchase of the tube bender until I saw a link here for blind chicken racing. If you check out their web site in the tools section, there is a section for a home built tube bender and a couple of others that people have built. :agree:

To say the least, it looks promising and I am planning to build one to test it out. I was going to use it for the custom exhaust system for the Ghia, but I have since order a A1 Sidewinder for the Ghia instead. (Should have it in a week or so)

Anyway, it might be worth a look. I have a buddy who works in a sheet metal shop who may be able to CNC Plasma cut me out the components after I CAD the thing up. I'll post some photos of the work. It might not be till the fall though, as I have to get rolling getting the garage set up before I start making tools to fill it up.


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