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Bow, it's cool. You could have always PMed him. But seriously, I don't care.

That's about what my plan was, kinda sorta. Just fit the engine then work on the intake location after the engine is in. Since I have more room in the back, compared to a bug. I might like how the intake looks turned around.

As for the manifold, cutting and re-welding won't be any problem for me.

I was just looking at the engine just before we left the shop tonight. And I even brought up having to cut the firewall for the turbo. I'll have to cut it, I'm just wanting to make it look like it belongs.

I thought about saying in my last post, "you need to get back after it." That's great. I'll drive up there and show you when it's done. Biggest thing left is paint. I mean, the most expensive. I don't have the engine 100% figured out yet. But I still have time.
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