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Thanks Vujade.

Kevin, yes I'm flipping the intake around backwards. And yes it will bolt up backwards. It's sitting backwards in the pictures.

Yeah, I started making the original alternator bracket work, It'll support the alternator now and piviot, But I need a sloted peice so I can adjust the tension on the alternator belt.

To avoid cutting the rear apron off? Lift the whole rear of the car up, then put the engine and tranny together. Then lower the body back down, but you better hope you never need to get the engine out of your finished car. I'm serious, I can't see no other way. I didn't want to keep removing material off the rear apron other wise I'd have a big gap. Think about it, once a bug engine is in, you have a big gap bettween the crank pully and the apron, but in the stock engine you have sheet metal to fill that gap. With a Subaru you won't, unless you make something. But you can't forget about the deck lid latch that sits on the apron too.

Make sence?

Thanks. I like motivating people. Helps keep me motivated too.
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