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Nothing major to report. On April 28th I had my wisdom teeth taken out. So I didn't work at all that weekend, and this past weekend I did some but only little. I'm still trying to get back up to 100% after the wisdom teeth.

I started making a cover for the turbo where it sticks though the firewall. I ended up using the bottom of a old rusted out gas tank, nice curves. I also clearanced some more for the turbo.

My biggest thing this past weekend was making a list of all the things I need to do on the body/chassis. Before I start trying to add more things. Rear apron, holes to fill, finish welding my dash, clearance the frame horn for the clutch arm... the list goes on, I couldn't figure out where to start. There are so many places that need attention.

I also have some good news. I just completed my 2nd year at college for welding. And I have recieved my Entry Level 1 welding certificate from the American Welding Society. I may or may not take welding classes this august to go for my Level 2. That depends if my teacher has the room in his classes for it, but if he does, I'm sure I will. I'm trying right now to get on at a local place called Titan Fab. I'm sure that'll make a good summer job to help build money up for the Ghia.

I almost forgot, Pictures?? I have some Energizer rechargeables, but I can't find the charger.
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