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Originally Posted by volkdent
Do you have pics of the bus project? What are your plans for it?
Of course I have pictures of my split bus restoration. On I have a thread about my spit bus restoration.
My splitty is going to be a “German Looker”, well forget the word looker: It’s going to be 'German'.
Unfortunately it is in Dutch, but there are a lot of pictures.
Thread on "":

Edit: english version:

Some specs:
Safari windows
Porsche 944 brakes at front
IRS with Porsche 914 tranny
Porsche 2.2 litre type 4 engine (brand new with only original Porsche parts, Porsche cooling and DTA
Wheels: Porsche Cup II

A little teaser, my Porsche 2.2 L type 4 at my spit bus:

If any of you have questions, feel free to ask.


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