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Got a few more parts in today, 3" cat-less bellmouth downpipe meant for a wrx, accel edis-4 coil, and 2 of my 4 1" wheel spacers.

As promised, here's a better shot of the FX1 seat in the car, a little too wide for a bug. It hangs over the center tunnel almost on the other side!

Spent most of the day running around trying to find brake hardware. Had to hit 3 places to find the M12x1.00 fine pitch bolts that hold the calipers on. I'm wishing I hadn't misplaced them during my move to the bay area, and I'm kinda worried about what else could be missing.

Here's a teaser photo of whats to come. I had to try the 1" spacers on the back to get a general idea of what the track width will be and to test fit a fender to check for clearance. The narrow valley is the tire center, and center to center on the rear wheels with spacers is about 60 3/4". That makes overall car width close to 6ft.

Here's a couple things I'm trying to nail down that maybe you guys can help with. I'm looking for the resistance on a stock 72 super beetle fuel sender. I read somewhere that it's like 73ohm/10ohm empty/full for a stock beetle, but I don't know if it's the same for supers.

I've seen people with ej20 swaps that have a tiny belt for the alt but when I hit up the subaru dealership they didn't have belts in the right size. What kind of belts are these or what car did they come from?

And lastly I'm trying to determine what size of clutch master cylinder to get that will have decent travel and not kill my left leg. The slave cylinder is a wilwood 260-1333 .88" bore 1.38" stroke going on an 091 bus tranny with a 3000lbs. KEP presure plate. I've been trying to find anything about this for a while now but can't find anything relevant.
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