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Originally Posted by 65Cabby View Post
Hi Walter
Just read your blast at EBI, a very nice timing slip.

Can I ask how your idle is, as I have a similar sized engine although type 1 with a DTA ecu. I noticed you don't run a ISV. Do you get differing idle rpm dependant on the engine temp.


Thanks! But since I filled out these forms, engine is now a bit 'uprated'
So I doubt you have a 2,7ltr Type 1 engine?
ISV is Idle stabilizer valve or something?
No, with individual Throttle bodies any idle control valve is not possible afaik.
As of last week, I have found the 'idle speed control' function in the DTA S-program and that really works! It keep my idle at the preset rpm with automatically adjusting the idle advance by the ecu. Also running sequential also improves idle mixture. My new S60 ecu is capable of this as well, whilst the former E48 was not.

With the E48 dta ecu however, the engine ran quite stable at idle as well. You just have got to keep fuel and advance even around idle rpm-range. With larger duration cams, its always more difficult to keep idle as stable as with milder cams. The 2056 had a mild cam and that helped also I suppose.


Edit: just read your site: Very cool car and extremely nicely detailed (I suck at that).
What did the dynoíng at John Maher say on hp and torque of your 2276? (what's your cam?)

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