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Just a little update:

I've recieved the new radiator, it turned out OK, but a few things weren't the way I ordered it. For example I had calculated adding width equal to the removal volume of 2 rows off of the bottom to maintain the same total volume. Well, when I mentioned it would be about 7" tall, that number stuck and the 2 row removal number did not, so he actually removed 3 as compared to the original one I had to make sure he didn't go over 7", apparently not realizing that 7" was just an appox. height. The other thing that wasn't too smooth was the outlet had to have a couple of angles in it that were really messed up and I had those repaired here.

The big picture of the volume loss is still up in the air. I need to spend more time getting the ducting set up correctly. The old rad hung down into the airflow an inch more that the new one, so I might be expecting too much from just putting it in there without any ducting, but it won't run as cool as I want it, about 195 deg right now, which isn't too bad, but I'm only running 190hp, and I want to go 250-300. Ducting may make all the difference, but I really would have preferred the additional volume. So, may be OK, but I suspect I'll have to get another one made, a little taller and maybe even wider than what I have now.

Still no progress on the rear suspension re-design, that'll be a winter project, but I've got a little boy now so he takes a little more time away from the bug!

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