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Thanks Sandeep!
I did deliberately put those horror pics up just for those how still have to do all the hard work and show you that my bug was once a 'basket case' too

Especially for you I made a small vid of the first (well, second) start of the 2,2 turbo engine, partly finished. Its nothing special and one of many on yourtube of "I started my engine for the first time, hurrey"
But you asked for it

To run her in, I did something 'terrible' and drove straight to the track day that was today
It really was the first time the car stood on its own wheels for almost 3/4 of a year and the first time I could try-out the new gearbox (G50).
Let me tell you, the G50 shifts beautifully! Very light and easy. Bit long, but its a factory shifter after all.
Engine still had an oil leak behind the flywheel, although last night it seemed leak-free...probably therefore the clutch slipped some when the turbo cam in a bit sudden, but on the track today we (Marius has the blue oval with a tuned type 4 2.0 n/a engine) surprised many cars with our little bugs.

'75 Super.
...because race car!
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