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Youīre right about turbos loving high lift,I might trade it in for my original choice the webcam 163.I havenīt really decided yet.I like the 86a because itīs a "quiet" cam and easy on the valve train and still pull to 7K.As you know choosing the right cam is always a challenge.What doesnīt make it any easier is following your experiences and seeing and driving with Arminīs 2 liter turbo with a low (11 mm) cam and the performance that his engine has.Itīs actually not that spectacular riding in Arminīs turbo and you think at first itīs kind of a pooch,then you glance over at the speedo and youīre doing 260K/mh.His car doesnīt have the snap or agressivenesse that we see with the type 1s i.e. 2276 or so.But itīs just incredibly fast.Itīs a ticket magnet...
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