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Originally Posted by F-22A View Post
Can you tell me which type of Momo steering wheel you have there? How much smaller is it over a 60's Bug item, was it an easy fit to the coloum and do you know the dia of the centre cap - just wondering if a Porsche badge would fit in there.

It's called a Race, kinda ricer but I like the looks of it. I think it's at least an inch smaller in diameter, but I havn't measured both of them and the car is at bodywork now. The column is the stock '60 column, I bought an adapter from California Imports up in Canada, then I built an adapter to make the MOMO work with that. The center cap is standard MOMO too, so I think someone will make a Porsche center cap that will fit, I'm sure many Porsche's have MOMO wheels while keeping the Porsche center cap. If you hit me up in a couple of weeks I'll be able to measure both for you.

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