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'69 / '76 Germanlook Project

i started this project october 2008 - starting with a 1976 body and 1969 chassis. I started off with a 1976 beetle i had since i was 15 - and acquired a 1969 chassis to IRS.

a couple of pics before

First up was new heavy duty floorpans and IRS conversion with 944 Turbo a arms

with this being shoe horned in next!

The chassis has also received a couple of small repairs to the framehead, a hydraulic clutch set up a a bug@5 speed shifter

the clutch MC was fitted through the inspection hole (had to be slightly enlarged) and a hole made behind the throttle lever arm cover for access

i think this is a much better way of installing it rather than cutting a large hole in the top of the tunnel as suggested
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