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If I understand correctly, you measured the surface of each spigot hole to be flat and it was not.
Thats important of course, if not alone for sealing, but you still don't know if the distance from the crank centerline is equal for all cylinders right? Or did I miss s/th in your descirption?
Exactly.It´s something I normally would not have measured,but the "groove" caused by the cylinders had me thinking something wasn´t right.As far as the centerline goes you´re right,Wally.I think to measure that you would need a fixture of somekind that would allow you to measure the height from the spigot to the mainbearing or the fixture acting as a dummy crank.I don´t know really if that´s the way to do it,but might be a possibility.This would only work if the bearing saddles are also straight and not "crushed".The case had already been line bored 0.50mm over.

Good to hear you're almost ready to build Mark.

Are you doing anything special to the inside of the case as far as smoothing any sharp edges ?
Hi Sandeep,Thanks! Yes, now since the case is beeing milled anyways,I will be smoothing the edges behind the spigots aswell.I may be cutting a hole/slot behind the #2 cylinder spigot for better case ventilation just like my 3 liter case has.Glad to hear you´re almost ready to assemble aswell.Then you will have to move to Germany so we can chase Wally around the track!
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