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'56 rag with a twist

After lurking here for a while, time to post some pica's of my project.
I am not sure what it is exactly, is it german, resto, callook or race? you tell me

It all started in December 2007, after I sold my T2a single cab with 190Bhp G60 engine I bought this Oval. The plan was to use it as a daily and give it some TLC in de weekends.
This is how I bought it, original.

Planted a new gearbox and 2ltr type4 engine.

Narrowed, adjustable beem with dropped spindels.

And this is how I drove it (first time out was EBI II)

To make a long story short, it's a total resto now. The plan is to have the resto-cal ish look on the outside, with an inside, chassis and suspension that is ready for some strip and circuit aktion.

Let's start with the wheels;
I have two sets, fuch's and MAG industries, both with Porsche bolt patern.
One set for street use and one set for circuit/strip abuse.

If some is good and more is better, then too much should be just about right!

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