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Thanks Dan for posting the pics. Will get some more on when the Wife can be bothered!

To bring everyone up to date the engine will be Type 1 Air Cooled and Water Cooled (water jackets over the heads) so I can run decent boost without it getting too hot. 2332 turbo autocraft case, superflow heads, big holset turbo, charge cooled. Should be good for over 400 hp. The car is built to go up the quarter mile pretty quick and to be rapid round the twisty bits. Will get some more pictures on soon to get you all going.

PS. Dan your car is looking great. I also like Wally's 1303 (reminds me of my old supercharged German look 1303 from back in 2003.

Anyone heard from John Maher lately as I cannot get hold of him by phone or email. Has he gone to the Moon??
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