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The long awaited package has finally arrived! The cylinders are here! Each cylinder is milled for it´s respective cylinder position.The #1 cylinder is milled differently than the # 4 cylinder etc. This is due to the fin size and the type cylinder spacing and so the pushrod tubes fit.
I will still have to mill the cylinders to stock length.The original length is 102,5mm and I will shorten them to 91,4mm.The bore of the this model Deutz cylinder is 101,65mm.This means that a SBC piston can be used.For that I would have to modify my rods which costs more time and money.So...different than originally planned I will be following Wally´s advice and also have the cylinders bored out to 103mm and use the JE 103x71 pistons with the 24mm pin.Together with the copper head gasket from I´ll have a deck of -2,96mm and a 8.33:1 CR.This is the easiest way and will save me further machining and having to mill more than 2 cooling fins from the cylinders.
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